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How does it work?



Create an account, take a health assessment and complete our clinically-proven online treatment, enabling you to understand the challenges users face. Next, complete Prevail’s Peer Training to build and refine the skills needed to support others on their path to mental wellness.


Start taking chats. With Peer Training complete, you will be equipped with best-in-class training, tools, and an engaging support network of your own, helping you to get up and running. You decide your own hours, offering chats to those seeking help at your convenience. 



Helping others is rewarding! For each person you support in building mental resilience you will receive points redeemable to places like Amazon.

About Our Trained Peers

Prevail’s Trained Peers are passionate about helping people to build mental resilience. Mental wellness impacts humanity on a global scale. Prevail empowers those who want to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Want to help others? Join our growing community of peers by completing training. Start earning rewards while improving lives!


Ready to make a difference?

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